About Me

I am Roger Sessions. I offer Spiritual Direction in Santa Cruz, Guatemala, and over the Internet using Google Hangouts. Why did I move to Guatemala? This is why.

[Click here to join me in my Hangouts office.]

I am a graduate of the FinD program, a three year training program for Spiritual Directors run by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and I am commissioned by the Episcopal Church as a Spiritual Director. Until moving to Guatemala in 2017, I was on staff at the Austin Presbyterian Seminary as a Spiritual Director. I am a Benedictine Oblate with the World Community of Christian Meditation and deeply involved in Prison Ministry.

My interests include the mystical use of the I Ching, an ancient discernment tool that predates Christianity by several thousand years. I am a founding member of the Christian I Ching Society and the author of the book, Wisdom's Way; The Christian I Ching.

My focus is on contemplative and mystical Christianity with Jungian influences. In addition to Spiritual Direction, I lead retreats and offer workshops. My main area of focus in Christian Contemplative Prayer, Christian Meditation, and Christian I Ching.

The typical charge for a one hour spiritual direction session is $40. There is no charge for the first exploratory session, and reduced rates are available for those that need them.

To contact me, write roger(dot)sessions(at)gmail(dot)com. Why do I give you my email is such a cryptic format? It is to make life slightly more difficult for the spam harvesters. Isn't it sad that such things are necessary?