About Me

I am Roger Sessions. I am one of the founders, developers, Directors, and current President of meditationchapel.org, a nonprofit corporation offering online chapels to meditation groups from around the world to meet  virtually and share the gift of silence and stillness. Today, we have more than 150 groups meeting on our platform, and more than 8,000 registered users. Perhaps this speaks to you. There is no cost, and it is a truly loving community. Kolbe Times recently published my article about the history of Meditation Chapel.

I offer limited Spiritual Direction over the Internet using Google Meet or Zoom. I am a graduate of the FinD program, a three year training program for Spiritual Directors run by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and I am commissioned by the Episcopal Church as a Spiritual Director. Until moving to Guatemala in 2017, I was on staff at the Austin Presbyterian Seminary as a Spiritual Director. I have been deeply involved in Prison Ministry.

I maintain an active blog on contemporary spirituality. Many of my writings are part of the series I call Parables for the Spiritual but not Religious. Here is my blog index. I am also the author of An Introduction to the Benedictine Daily Prayer: A Short Breviary, available free of charge on this site.

My interests include the mystical use of the I Ching, an ancient discernment tool that predates Christianity by several thousand years. I am a founding member of the Christian I Ching Society and the author of the book, Wisdom's Way; The Christian I Ching.

My focus is on contemplative and mystical Christianity with Jungian influences. In addition to Spiritual Direction, in my rare free time I lead retreats and offer workshops. My main area of focus in Christian Contemplative Prayer, Christian Meditation, and the Christian I Ching.

I lived in Austin, Texas until moving to Guatemala several years ago Why did I move to Guatemala? This is why. And now I am in Guanajuato, Mexico. Why Guanajuato? This is why.

To contact me, write roger(dot)sessions(at)gmail(dot)com. Why do I give you my email is such a cryptic format? It is to make life slightly more difficult for the spam harvesters. Isn't it sad that such things are necessary?

Before retiring, I worked in IT specializing in system simplification. Which, come to think of it, is pretty much what I focus on now. Just different kinds of systems.

The typical charge for a one hour spiritual direction session is $40 (USD). There is no charge for the first exploratory session, and reduced rates are available for those that need them.