Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Meditation - Advent 2014

Listen to what is unfolding within you.
- Jean Springer, Eremos

Why are you calling me?
     I need you.

Why do you need me?
    I need you.

I'm not ready.
    I will help you.

Where am I going?
    To where I will take you.

Where is this place?
    It is where you were born to be.

When are we going?
    You are already there.

Where am I?
    Where you need to be.

What am I to do?
    What is needed.

How will I know?
    I will tell you.

When will you tell me?
    I have already told you.

How will I hear you?
    You will listen.

What am I listening to?
    Listen to what is unfolding within you.

Photo is by Dion van Huyssteen distributed through Flickr, made available through Creative Commons.

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  1. Christ has died.
    Christ is risen.
    Christ will come again.